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Genuine interaction and substance are behind every decision FEBC makes.
Since FEBC was founded in 1989, this belief has propelled us forward into becoming the tour de force in the hospitality sector that we are today. This sense of collaboration and understanding has remained with us as we’ve grown into a multinational firm that covers a full suite of hospitality services for our clients. We specialise in: procurement management, strategic contracting, f&b concept and pre-opening activation.

We bring integrity, transparency,
creativity and commitment to our clients.


Our mission is to support, collaborate and “move together” with our clients to deliver services and goods with optimal quality and price in a timely manner.


Our vision is to be a trusted partner who fills the gap in the hospitality industry by providing an innovative 360-degree service giving our clients total peace of mind.


We support the success of owners and operators looking to create unique environments. Our approach and resources make room for new technologies and solutions while ensuring that what we’re doing adds value and increases the return on investment for the client.

We see each project we work on as a revealing expression of our client’s character and the context of the environment. The result is highly individual spaces and furnishings that speak to the operator’s vision and the brand’s values.